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【熱銷蔬菜箱補貨!】 嚴選5大類12種品項蔬菜產地直送到家

"No!" Tumblr創辦人David Karp在一篇Fast Company雜誌上說,他堅持讓自己上班的的第一小時不去開電子信箱,經常捱到9點半或10點都不去開。不開email,那先做什麼呢?最有創意的答案來自一名讀者Tony Robbins。他建議設置一個program,叫「能量一小時」、「成長的30分鐘」或是「有關實現的15分鐘」。我們一起來看看這篇有趣的文章節選。進入文章前,請先想想以下單字,英文怎麼說:




How do you manage the beginning of a day? Stare at the screen, and check the e-mail to avoid missing important message? You should always keep in mind that focusing on the first hour of the workday can be the hour you see everything clearly and get one real thing done.


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到辦公室別急著檢查電子郵件信箱。(圖/OTA Photos@flickr)

1.Don’t Check Your Email for the First Hour.  第一小時別開電子郵件信箱

Never checking the email in the morning or at home is a good strategy for getting one real thing done. Remember that you won’t feel good if you check the e-mail at home.


Not all of us can roll into the office whenever our motorcycles happen to get us there. For the majority of us that have jobs that don’t require constant (A)on-call awareness, we can trade e-mail for organization and focused work.

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