stay at home和stay home差在哪裡?3分鐘學會超容易搞混的防疫片語

2020-04-20 15:09

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看完影片後,有沒有感受到 stay at home(待在家裡)對疫情嚴重的地區是多麼重要的事情呢?不過啊,小編在網路上也看到不少媒體會用 stay home,兩者到底差在哪呢?一起來一探究竟吧!

stay at home

在這個表達方式中,home 算是名詞的用法,就是我們熟悉的「家、住宅」的意思,這時就要搭配介係詞 at,表示「在家」的意思,舉個例子:

Some parents decide to stay at home and look after their children.(許多家長選擇待在家裡照顧小孩。)

Closing the shades and binge-watching TV shows can be a good way to relax and pass the time when you stay at home.(待在家時,拉下窗簾狂追劇是個紓壓打發時間的好方法。)

我們再看一些 home 當名詞的用法:

We are trying to find a home for the kitten.(我們正在為這隻小貓找個家。)

The typhoon caused power cuts in hundreds of homes last night.(昨晚的颱風造成數百戶人家斷電。)

James didn't leave home until he was 25.(James 直到 25 歲前都住在家裡。)

stay home

我們再來看看 stay home 這個表達方式,這裡的 home 直接當作副詞,本身就有「在家」的意思,所以不需要另外加上介係詞喔,舉個例子:

Many Americans are being urged by the governments to stay home.(許多美國人都被政府呼籲要待在家裡。)

I like to stay home chilling out in the evenings.(我喜歡在傍晚時待在家裡放鬆。)

其實我們常說的 go home「回家」也是 home 作為副詞的用法喔,再來看些例子:

Hey, it’s time we went home.(嘿,我們該回家囉。)

Kacey was tired, so we took her home.(Kacey 累了,所以我們帶她回家。)

Marnie was so relieved that her husband had come home safely.(Marnie 的丈夫安全回家讓她鬆了口氣。)


不過,如果我們要表達「待在家的」,這時候就要加上連字號寫成 stay-at-home,這個慣用法會當作形容詞來用,舉個例子:

Most of the state governors have been compelled to extend their stay-at-home orders.(大多數的州長被迫要延長居家令。)

More than 90 percent of Americans are living under stay-at-home orders.(超過九成的美國人因為居家令而待在家中。)

Being a stay-at-home parent isn’t as easy as you might think.(當一個家庭主婦或家庭主夫沒有你想得那麼容易。)

work from home

最後,小編再幫各位補充一個最近很常見的用詞:work from home「在家工作」,這時候 home 也是當名詞,整個片語也可以縮寫成 WFH,是網路上相當常用的詞彙喔,舉個例子:

Coronavirus or not, the key to working from home is clear communication with your colleagues.(不論有沒有冠狀病毒的影響,在家工作的關鍵是和同事間清楚的溝通。)

We might be going to WFH if the number of confirmed coronavirus cases increases.(如果冠狀病毒的確診人數增加,我們可能就要在家工作了。)

不管各位有沒有 stay at home、WFH,小編還是祝大家 stay safe and healthy,大家防疫加油!

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