first floor其實是二樓、隨時給我一個bell...這七個英式英文讓人「亞洲人問號」

2020-07-08 13:11

? 人氣

flat (n.) 公寓

flat 在美式英語中當形容詞,指「平坦的;扁平的」,在英式英語中是指一層「公寓」,也就是 apartment,如果是一整棟公寓則稱作 a block of flats。


He rented a flat in central London.

lift (n.) 電梯

lift 在美式英語中當動詞,指「抬起;舉起;提起」,在英式英語是當名詞,指「電梯」,也就是 elevator。

My auntie always takes the lift instead of the stairs because she’s claustrophobic.

ground floor (n.) 一樓

在美國,一樓就是 first floor,但在英國及歐洲許多國家,一樓會稱作 ground floor,所以 first floor 反而是他們的二樓唷。

The lost property office is on the ground floor.

補充:lost property office 是英式英文的「失物招領處」,美式英文叫 lost-and-found office。

心很累的 Rafael 跟老爺爺看完房子後,肚子不斷咕嚕咕嚕地叫。

Landlord: If you have any questions about the flat or if you decide to rent it, just give me a bell!
房東: 如果有任何問題或想租我的公寓,隨時都可以打給我!

Rafael: You mean give you a call?
Rafael: 我想你的意思是叫我「打給你」對嗎?

Landlord: Exactly! And if you’re hungry, there’s a fish-and-chip shop across the road.
房東: 沒錯,然後如果你肚子餓的話,對面有一家賣炸魚薯條的餐廳。

Rafael: Wow, there’s a really long queue! But does fish go well with chips?
Rafael: 也太大排長龍了吧!但魚跟洋芋片吃起來搭嗎?

Landlord: French fries here are called chips, and what Americans call “chips” are called “crisps.” And to answer your question, yes, they really are a perfect match!
房東: Chips 在英國是薯條的意思,美國人說的洋芋片在這裡叫 crisps,然後回答你的問題,炸魚跟薯條根本是絕配!

Rafael: I must give it a try then. But not today, though, I’m having a picnic with my friends later.
Rafael: 我會去吃吃看的,但今天沒辦法,我等等要跟朋友們去野餐。

Landlord: I’m afraid that your picnic party might go pear-shaped…it’s set to bucket it down later.
房東: 我想你們的野餐派對恐怕泡湯囉…快要下大雨了。

Rafael: Oh no!
Rafael: 噢不!